Lawn Care Services
Gene's Lawn Care & Power Washing  
Heavy Brush & Snow Removal ~ Yard Clean-Up's ~ Weeding & Mulching
 Exterior Painting & Staining ~ Tree & Shrub Trimming ~ 
Haul Away Debris ~ Light Moving & Hauling & A Lot More Services
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Lawn Cutting / Trimming / Edging & blow off grass debris from yard, porches, patios, etc.
Year round yard clean-up's and hauled away..... Also can cut up your Heavy Brush in your yard, Hedges, shrubbery, Trees Trimmed,and / or planted Evergreens Trimmed and/or planted, 
Gutter cleaning and painting, Deck replacement of Rotten or Worped boards & repainted,
Leaf and yard debris removal and haul away all debris,
Flower beds weeded ( cleaned out ) and mulched & I can bring the New mulch to you
Flowers and bulbs planting ~ Also new Trees and/or Shrubs you have Purchased,
Downed tree's and branches cleaned up and hauled away,
Trees cut down in some circumstances and hauled away,
Exterior painting of Mobile Homes, sheds, garages, fences, lawn furniture, etc.
Exterior painting of House Shutters low as $5 each / It can change the whole look of your Home,
Staining of Decks, fences, lawn furniture and a lot more services.......

Special Note:     I DO NOT Spray any Round-up or any other kind of chemicals on Lawns,                                                 Driveways, Flowerbeds, Etc. 

Listed below are my Standard Prices for Lawn Cut & Trim, that includes
blowing off Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Porches, Decks, Etc.

Grass cut & trims low as $15 ~ 1/4 acre or less $25 to $35 per cut & trim & blow off  debris
More than 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre will be between $40 & $60 per cut & trim & blow off debris
Sign up your Neighbor  and you both receive 10% Discount every time I cut & trim both lawns
Sign up Three Neighbors and you both receive 15% Discount anytime I cut & trim all Three lawns


For People that just have Social Security or Disability Income and need some work done and maybe don't have all the money right now. In most cases, I can work with you on making payments to me and you can get the work done now when you need it..Anyone else that has a special situation, please call me and I'll try and work with you also.....

  Call:  Gene Carpenter or Mike Carpenter ( Owner )  anytime for a    >>> Free Estimate  <<<

     Gene's Cell: 302-542-5599  or 
                    Mike's Cell:  302-258-4721     

            E-mail :  

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Before Yard Clean-up
Before Yard Clean-up
  Half of Front 
Yard Lawn cut
Front Yard & also has 
    a large back yard
Leaf Collection In Process
Leaves Collected From
       Yard Clean-Up
Truck that tows my             7'x12' Trailer 
Front Yard Cut
Sonic Resturant Regular Cut & Trim
Weekly Lawn Cut
Back Yard Weekly 
     Cut & Trim
   At Customer's Home Getting Ready for work >
Interior Size of Trailer
Side of Truck & Trailer
   Before Weeding, Edging & Mulching
    After Weeding, 
Edging & Mulching
    After Weeding,
Edging & Mulching
Before Weeding 
    & Mulching
After Weeding 
  & Mulching
After Weeding and Mulching of Flower Beds 
After Power Washing and Staining Deck
Front Yard In Seaford, De. Cut & Trim
Mulching Job with Dyed Red Mulch In Fenwick, Island
These are Some Lawns That are Cut and Trimmed  By Gene's Lawn Care & Power Washing on a Regular Bases in 2013
Weeded Out Beds and put down Dyed Black Mulch for Customer 
Before & After Pictures of Digging Out Overgrown Bushes, Weeded Beds, Trimmed Remainder of Bushes Edged Beds & Put Down Brown  Mulch
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
Before & After Weeding & Mulching
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